Real Estate Closings and Title Insurance or Title Escrow

Both attorneys in our office have years of experience in real estate closings. Mr. Campbell is also licensed to issue title insurance and title insurance binders concerning real estate. Mr. Campbell is known locally as the go-to attorney for real estate problems. Most first time home owners think of real estate closings (settlements) as a time when the money is counted, documents signed, and ownership of the land exchanged. That is true. However, the most important part of a real estate settlement from a buyers’ point of view, and a lender’s point of view, is the quality of title. Unlike personal property, actual possession of real property has little value in a dispute. Ownership of real property is instead gauged by the quality of title. Every parcel of land in Delaware has its roots in William Penn and theoretically, every piece of real estate can be traced back to William Penn. Although modern title searches do not typically go back that far, title searches and title attorneys review title going back many years to ensure that no other persons, other than the seller, have any claims to the property and that no mortgages or liens have attached to the property being sold. Experience in this area counts and can save you countless headaches and dollars when a cloud on title is later discovered.

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